Top 100 Realtors

The Tulsa Business Journal, Volume 21, No. 13, dated June 20, 2011 listed the top Tulsa area real estate agents in the Tulsa Metropolitan Statistical Area for the year 2010.  Of 3,500 Tulsa Realtors licensed, only 218 agents did over 2 million in production.

On the list of Tulsa Realtors, I made the TOP 100 – with over 4 million in production!

top producer celebratesThe old adage is that in any occupation, 20% do 80% of the work.  In this case, it appears that among Tulsa Realtors, approximately 6% do the majority of production. Only individual Tulsa Realtors with over 2 million in production were listed in this publication. Also listed were teams of Tulsa Realtors and their corresponding production numbers.

Tulsa Realtors – Is your Tulsa Realtor a “top producer” and does that matter to you?

With each year of experience and each transaction, Tulsa Realtors learn and grow. When choosing among Tulsa Realtors to represent you in the sale or purchase of a home, choose one with proven results and a competitive edge.


Update February 2012: My 2011 production was 6.2 million, so I expect to make the list again this year!!

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