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Bring It To Tulsa is a grassroots business-attraction initiative brought to you by the Business Development Crew. Bring It To Tulsa aims to educate members about barriers to entry in opening certain stores to Oklahoma and finding creative ways to break through those barriers and show national retailers what Tulsa has to offer. Each campaign will focus on a different business; because of overwhelming support from a recent membership survey, Trader Joe’s has been chosen as the first Bring It To Tulsa business.image of bring it to tulsa logo

Place Order:
TYPros’ Trader Joe’s Online Shop
Open until Friday, Feb. 8 | noon

Pick-up Order:
Trader Joe’s Pop-Up Shop
GitWit Creative | 11 E. Brady St.
Saturday, Feb. 16 | 4-8 p.m.

Cities across the country have Facebook Pages lobbying for Trader Joe’s to come to their town. TYPros’ BDC is going to do one better. In an effort to show the corporation how passionate Tulsans are, we are organizing a Trader Joe’s run.

We have created an online Bring It To Tulsa store where you can purchase your favorite Joe’s items. Then, on Saturday, Feb. 16 the Business Development Crew, Leadership Team and volunteers will drive to our closest Trader Joe’s location to pick up your order. We’ll set-up our pop-up shop from 4 to 8 p.m. for you to pick up your goodies.

FYI: Unfortunately, because this is a temporary store and each initiative will focus on a new company, the online store will have no product photos. Orders over $10 will be charged a flat $5 delivery-fee to help pay for the truck rental. See other FAQs directly on our Bring It To Tulsa site:

Tulsa’s Young Professionals is bringing Trader Joe’s to Tulsa–and it couldn’t be simpler!

Bring It To Tulsa: Trader Joe’s

image of TYPros logoUse the catalog to browse through some of the top selling Trader Joe’s favorites. Select the items you love most, build your cart and checkout.

On February 16th between 4-8pm, TYPros will create a pop up store in Downtown Tulsa at 11 E Brady Street for you to pick up your deliveries.

This will be the ONE AND ONLY time to pick up your items. Please do not place orders unless you are sure you can pick the items up.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask by calling 918-560-0260 or e-mailing

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