Cafe Samana – Brookside’s awesome healthy dining choice and Conscious Cafe

Cafe Samana – Brookside’s awesome healthy dining choice and Conscious Cafe

Yesterday I met girlfriends on Brookside for lunch at Cafe Samana, located at 3807 South Peoria Avenue where the Blue Moon Bakery use to be. My girlfriend Kalyn is vegan vegetarian, so finding a spot we can both enjoy is sometimes a challenge. Not at Cafe Samana – we enjoyed EVERYTHING we had.

Cafe Samana on Brookside

Cafe Samana on Brookside

Boasting home cooking from organic and locally-grown ingredients, Cafe Samana also offers gluten-free menu items. Entrees are under $10, but there’s no cap on taste!

Kalyn, Lindsay and I shared hummus and vegetables before lunch. Kalyn had the vegan bratwurst with Samana slaw (yum and made with bean sprouts); Lindsay had the roasted veggie sandwich; I had the chicken salad wrap with potato patties. We all shared a moist brownie for dessert.

I was intrigued by their mission statement printed on their menu,

“We are dedicated to being a conscious cafe. What does that mean? Well, I’m happy you asked. We recycle & compost, which reduces our waste. We use post-consumer recycled to-go containers, which are also compostable. Nearly all of our plates, bowls, glasses, vases, napkins, tablecloths, chairs and tables were bought second-hand to reduce our consumption of resources. We buy locally-farmed produce & meats when possible. We NEVER have high fructose corn syrup, NSG, Styrofoam, growth hormones or antibiotics in our restaurant. Also, we do not have a microwave. All of our cheeses & meats are rBGH & antibiotic free.”

Then, on their menu, they list their ingredients that are always organic – and it’s a long list.

Cafe Samana is open for lunch Monday through Saturday 11am to 3pm, and for date night Friday, they remain open until 9pm.

Cafe Samana on Brookside

Cafe Samana on Brookside

I am going back next to try their asparagus that is wrapped in marinated chard with a lemon cashew sauce and stuffed mushrooms – baby bellas filled with spinach & tomato cream, parmesan and pecans. And after reading several online reviews, I’m going to try their soup of the day and another dessert.

Dining on Brookside will never disappoint you, and this locally-owned cafe has a lot going on that I want to support!

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