Home inspections and normal working order – what it means

home inspection

Home inspections are done as a routine when purchasing a home in midtown Tulsa – and the term “normal working order” seems to get tossed around quite a bit. What “normal working order” means is that a component is working as it should for its age and that its condition is acceptable. If the heater […]

Proof of Funds – or Loan Eligibility – Required by this Tulsa Realtor®

screen shot of bank balance

When you are a cash Buyer and make an offer, you need to be prepared to provide proof of funds. This can be a simple print-out from your online banking that simply shows your account balance and your name associated with the account. One of the valuable services Tulsa Realtors® provide their Sellers is to […]

I may have to sell the house you buy!

When I work with home buyers, I always consider that I may have to sell the house that they purchase! Even when you think this is your FOREVER home, you MUST take resale in to consideration!!! A few months ago, my clients (names changed) Sally and Joe called to say they were divorcing and wanted […]

Home Buyers shop on internet sites

home buyer shopping on internet

Home Buyers shop on internet sites of their choosing – some like Trulia or Zillow, while others like realtor.com or a specific brokerage web site. I can set up a custom search for home buyers – and map specific geographic boundaries, which CAN’T be done on these other internet sites. Home Buyers are usually stuck […]

Square Footage

tape measure used for square footage

Square Footage Below is a guest blog post by Tim Richmond of 1st Tribal Lending. At the end of his blog post are some additions from me about square footage as it relates to Tulsa Oklahoma real estate. What is the square footage of the house? This is often one of the first questions that […]

Home Buyer Etiquette

Business time

Home Buyer Etiquette If you’ve recently sold a home, you’ll probably have many thoughts to contribute regarding home buyer etiquette. There’s nothing like trying to fit in a home showing when you have to transport kids to sports activities, cancel an appointment and get the dogs out before a prospective Buyer shows up. Home Sellers […]