Tips for Home Sellers – prepare for showings!

clean and light living room

My brother and sister-in-law have their home on the market in another state and my sister-in-law Iryna asked me to give her detailed instructions on how to prepare for showings. Iryna moved to the United States from the Ukraine and while her English is improving, she depends on detailed written instructions when performing new tasks. […]

Top 5 things under $200 to help sell your Tulsa Home

de-cluttered closet

Home Sellers dread how much money they are going to have to spend to prepare their home for sale, so here is a list of the top 5 things to do to prepare your Tulsa home for sale – all for under $200. 1. De-Clutter. I’m clueless as to why the mere mention of de-cluttering […]

How to be an awesome home Seller

items seller should leave with home

My client and friend Misty and I did a final walk-through of her home thirty minutes prior to closing and were pleased to find that the Seller had left the home in immaculate condition. Additionally, the Seller left out all appliance and component manuals, extra light bulbs unique to their lighting, swatches of paint color […]

The front porch, entrance and yard – your first impression!

inviting porch

I met with a young couple who plan to sell their home this spring. They inquired whether it was important to plant flowers in their neglected flower beds – and also asked about painting their weathered front door. My response is pretty standard to this question. You wouldn’t go on a first date without wearing […]

Home Sellers prepare to show home in rain or snow

shoveling snow on steps for safe entry

Home Sellers should prepare to have their home shown in all kinds of weather – particularly rain or snow. It’s your job to present your home in the best possible condition, and that includes being a good host! If in snow, you definitely want to have the steps to your home shoveled and clear – […]

How Handicap Accessible Is Your Midtown Tulsa Home For Sale?

portable wheelchair ramp

Second and Third-Time or “Move Up” Home Buyers are paying more attention to how handicap accessible a home may be. While that thought may not concern a younger home Buyer, those of us who will soon be taking care of a parent are giving accessibility a huge amount of weight in our purchasing decision. And […]