Lori, how’s the real estate market?

value of my home

You would be surprised how often I am asked, “Lori, how’s the real estate market?” A girlfriend at the Driller’s baseball game asked me that last Saturday night. “It’s great,” I respond! It’s impossible for me to answer how the real estate market is in a one-sentence answer. I have been very fortunate in selling […]

Seller-paid Buyer closing costs

home made with dollar bills

Buyers are asking Sellers to contribute to their closing costs in many cases. Here is a guideline of what the Seller is allowed to pay for the Buyer: Conventional Financing Tier one: 90-95% LTV seller can pay up to 3% of sales price Tier two: 75.01-90% seller can pay up to 6% of sales price […]

How to sell a house from out of state

Pushpin showing the location on a map

Many home sellers wonder how to sell a house from out of state? It’s a daunting task, because you, the home seller, have to put so much trust in those you hire and those who represent you. You need a reliable advocate. If your home needs to be improved or updated before it’s put on […]

Engineer needed to un-steep this driveway!!!

steep driveway to beautiful home

My Seller’s home has a steep driveway and three consecutive Realtors report that this is the ONLY flaw preventing their Buyers from making an offer on her Tulsa home for sale. This home is in the prestigious Southmont Estates subdivision, and ALL of the driveways in that neighborhood are equally steep. Steep has me stumped. […]