Decorating your home during the holidays – and I have help for you!

Decorating your home for sale during the holidays: it is not to early to plan, and I have help for you!
Christmas decorating

I want to tell you about a favorite vendor, Dana Ferguson. She and her partner Marie will decorate your home for sale for the holidays and relieve you of the stress and hassle.

It’s a nice gift to give yourself if you enjoy the decorations but hate the work. And, if your home is on the market, their decorating can increase the marketability of your home. Yep, more staging encouragement for my home sellers!

Begin decorating your home for sale when the retail stores begin decorating their store front. The concept is the same. The retail stores make their “homes” bright and cheery in an effort to get shoppers ready to buy. A little old-fashioned holiday cheer spread around will make your home more appealing – fresh garlands, candles, pine scents, poinsettias, holiday candy and red velvet bows.

Following the experience of the average retail outlet is certainly a good indication of how the public responds to the cheer of the season, and a potential homebuyer walking into warmth and glow is bound to be wrapped up in the ambiance of season; thusly, they are wrapped up into wanting the charm of the home to be “the home for them.”Christmas decorations

Dana and Marie will decorate your home with your existing decorations and/or purchase new for you. For those that enjoy the atmosphere of a decorated home but dread the task, these two angels will answer your prayers. They encourage using existing decorations if available because they have a sentiment of tradition about them. Adding a new flair of current color trends is like adding a new tradition to the memory list. It is amazing what a few new “spruces” here and there can do to the re-fresh the old.

Decorating your home for sale during the holidays: it is not to early to plan, and I have help for you!

Pricing is dependent upon many things. If you drag the boxes out of your attic storage and have them accessible, obviously the price will be less. Generally, a good five hours of intense decorating for two decorators is approximately $750.00. If one decorator is doing the tree – the most time consuming job generally speaking – the other is busy making arrangements out of the existing (and many times add-on purchases) in the kitchen, living room, dining, etc. Cost truly depends on where you prefer to concentrate and how many decorations you have or want.

Keep in mind also that they clean while they decorate – if this is unnecessary, then there is more decorating time. However, holiday decorations can be up for 4-6 weeks and you lose the sharpness of detail if it is dusty.

As I encourage my home sellers to stage, I encourage you to kick it up a notch and decorate your home for sale for the holidays. Home buying is an emotional decision and prospective buyers are going to spend more time in your home (and consider purchasing it) when they feel welcome and comfortable.

So, give Dana a call and spread the “cheer.” Dana can be reached at 918-955-4982 or e-mail her at!

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