Midtown Tulsa

Midtown Tulsa is a charming area of historic homes south of downtown Tulsa, extending to 41st or 51st Streets to the south. The western boundary is Riverside Drive and the eastern boundary is Harvard or Yale Avenues. Within midtown Tulsa, you’ll find homes ranging from mansions built by oil barons years ago to charming bungalows and cottages – and some one-level ranch homes scattered about. In midtown Tulsa, we enjoy multiple parks, mature trees, covered porches and visit with neighborhoods while strolling along our sidewalks.  Midtown Tulsa is the best little corner of Tulsa!

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Here is a map of midtown Tulsa and you’ll be able to locate Utica Square, Woodward Park, St. John’s Medical Center, Swan Lake, Maple Ridge, Tulsa fairgrounds and more!

midtown tulsa map