The abundance of parks, water fowl and mature trees make midtown Tulsa a very earthy and friendly place to live.

Tulsa City Parks

The City of Tulsa manages over 130 parks covering roughly 6,000 acres including nature centers, golf courses, Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum, Tulsa Garden Center, the Henthorne Performing Arts Center, swimming pools, 197 sports fields, 83 playgrounds, 109 tennis courts, 33 water playgrounds, 2 skate parks, 68 picnic shelters, 9 community centers, 2 dog parks, fitness facilities, gymnasiums, meeting rooms and facilities, trails and more.

Swan Lake Midtown Tulsa

Swan Lake

Here are a few parks found in midtown Tulsa:

Braden Park
Centennial Park
Cheyenne Park
Creek Nation Council Oak
Creek Stickball Field
Creek Turnpike Trail
Florence Park
Gunboat North & South
Maple Ridge Park
Owen Park
Pratt Park
Swan Lake
Terrace Park
Terwilliger Park
Tracy Park
Veterans Park
Whiteside Park
Wheeling Park
Woodward Park
Zink Park

Bark Parks

Hunter Park’s ‘Biscuit Acres’ should open as early as May 15. ‘Joe Station’ is still open and available.


Tulsa’s River Parks is growing at light speed with expanded biking and jogging trails, beautiful statues, playgrounds and now our first restaurant on the river, The Blue Rose Cafe.