Homes for Sale in Midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Homes for Sale in Midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma My husband and I own two homes in midtown Tulsa: one in Florence Park, which we rent out, and one in Riverview at 19th and Cheyenne.

The boundaries of midtown Tulsa are often disputed among consumers and Realtors. Because I live in midtown Tulsa AND am a Tulsa Realtor, I believe the boundaries zig and zag. The eastern boundary is definitely Harvard – not Yale. The northern boundary is 15th Street, unless you are west of Denver by the IDS – there’s a very cool pocket of midtown history west of Denver up to Houston. Southern boundary is definitely 41st Street – not 51st Street. And for simplicity, we’ll say that the western boundary is Riverside.

So, you can see that there are a number of price ranges of homes for sale in midtown Tulsa, with less expensive homes in the south-east quadrant and more expensive homes closer to Utica Square. You can purchase a $150,000 home by 38th and Harvard and an even lesser expensive home by 38th & Riverside. You can spend a million dollars in Maple Ridge, Sunset Terrace or Terwilleger Heights.midtown Tulsa home

The things we love about midtown Tulsa are its deep and rich history, varied architectural styles and proximity to parks and events. Our home is close to the Arkansas River, where we enjoy the jogging and bike trails and free concerts – and we are only separated from the Maple Ridge district by Lee Elementary School and Veteran’s Park.

Our subdivision is technically called Buena Vista Park and was platted in 1908 – and we ARE on the historic registry. However, we’ve merged with some other subdivisions to create the Riverview Neighborhood Association which remains active. The recent improvement to our neighborhood is the creation of the “stick park” next to the Council Oak Tree – please visit it, if you have not done so!

Yes, homes sell for much more per square foot in midtown Tulsa – and many of us still have knob-and-tube electrical wiring. But, you can’t beat our beautiful hardwood floors, arched doorways, crown molding, plaster walls, basements, mature trees, covered porches and detached garages! My husband was actually born in our home 54 years ago, and he of course inherited it from his parents.

We have parks galore in midtown Tulsa – filled with a variety of ancient trees and well-maintained flower beds. Woodward Park alone is the most-visited park in Tulsa – where every couple has their wedding engagement photo taken, every graduate has his/her senior portrait shot. We are within walking distance to all of the activities on the river and most events downtown.

The restaurants available to us range from the locally-owned Chalkboard, Elote, Wild Fork and Queenie’s. We still have our autos repaired by the Boyaci family who have been in business for generations. And, of course, we buy our pet supplies from Southern Agriculture – another locally-owned business that has been in Tulsa for generations.

Utica Square in midtown Tulsa

We don’t go to shopping malls in midtown Tulsa. We shop at Utica Square where you can buy groceries, wine, fill your prescriptions, eat lunch, get a manicure and mail your packages. We also enjoy free concerts there every Thursday evening during the summer.

Regardless of your home purchase budget, there is something available for you in midtown Tulsa, whether it be a magnificent historical home, craftsman bungalow or trendy loft on Cherry Street. And, I LIVE in midtown Tulsa, so I’m happy to show you around!

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