How a Bloggin’ Realtor benefits Tulsa Home Sellers

How a Bloggin’ Realtor benefits Tulsa Home Sellers

One of my advertising tag lines is “Bits & Bytes from the Bloggin’ Realtor,” but I’ve never explained how my blogging benefits my real estate clients. I think reference to the word “bytes” tells you that I’m a techno geek, and how does THAT benefit my clients? My tech savvy style benefits Tulsa home sellers and buyers differently, so this post will address Tulsa home sellers only.

Tech savvy Realtors nationwide – Rich Cederberg, Jeff Dowler, Bryan Robertson and myself – join in a discussion about how Realtors utilizing social media benefit home sellers. Please enjoy our short 6-minute video.

My passion for staying on the cutting edge of technology tells my clients that I’m resourceful in finding new and improved ways to best do my job. Whether it’s providing prospective Buyers information about my listings via text messages, supplying YouTube videos or QR codes, this Realtor communicates through several mediums to reach the appropriate audience.

Engaging on social network sites provides me with valuable and current industry knowledge.  If there are new incentives offered by Lenders that may help sell your property, wouldn’t you want YOUR Realtor to be aware of this information? Connected professionals are more apt to be “in the know.”

google logoUnderstanding how home Buyers shop on the Internet for homes enables me to advertise homes to attract those Buyers.  Let’s say that the biggest selling point of your Tulsa home for sale is that it’s in a particular school district or that it’s within walking distance from the Riverparks. If a Buyer googles “Tulsa homes for sale near the Riverparks,” YOUR property for sale needs to come up on the first page of Google search results.

No one can achieve those results better than a real estate professional who blogs and understands how to have blog posts indexed by Google.

Not all Tulsa Realtors understand how the internet works. Let me show you how I will market your home.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics about keyword density or long-tail keywords. What you DO need to understand as a home Seller is that 95% of Buyers are shopping on the internet, and YOUR Realtor needs to promote your listing so that it will be FOUND on the internet.

And that’s where the blogging comes in. Mix blogging with exposure on Twitter and Facebook and a variety of other internet sites and your Tulsa home for sale will receive the attention it deserves.

Research ALSO shows that 30-40% of Buyers are shopping on their smart phone, iPad or Tablet. So, it’s important that our real estate web sites are optimized to work well on these devices.

For more information about our home selling services, please visit my web site.   To see how I market my listings, visit a few! Please do call me for an interview: 918-852-5036!

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    Social media, internet marketing and blogging are great ways to promote your real estate services. It sounds like you’re doing everything right Lori. By the way, I love your tag line.

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    Lori, I think it’s essential for a realtor and so many other types of businesses be on top of technology. I am very happy that I was introduced to Active Rain in late 2006 when I was doing mortgages. Blogging alone was the majority of my business in 2008…. and I just loved to educate people. You do a good job…

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    Lori, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Great job on an excellent topic. I think the thing the differentiates many real estate pro’s is resourcefulness!