How home staging works – and how it helps sell your home!

Sellers wonder how home staging works and how it will help sell your home. Today, my colleagues I recorded a video about this very topic.

image of living room after staging

In this 7-minute video, Rich Cederberg, Jeff Dowler, Bryan Robertson, Sally Weatherley and I discuss the concept and benefits of home staging.

Specifically we discuss
(1) how important home staging is to actually selling your home,
(2) the emotions home staging evokes in home buyers, and
(3) what home staging IS and what it ISN’T.

I like to compare home staging to dating. You wouldn’t go on a blind date without wearing your best clothes, applying make up or getting your hair styled. You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. And, the same is true when you are selling your home! You must capture the Buyer’s attention and interest the moment they walk through your front door!

Home staging evokes emotions in a buyer that leaves them saying,

“I could live here! THIS could be my home!

We know that home buying is an emotional decision, and we know that we have a short time period to establish the buyer’s attraction.

The photos seen on the internet are critical when a Buyer is choosing which homes he or she will consider. Professional photographs of staged home are more likely to bring you prospective Buyers.

How home staging works – and how it helps sell your home!

web26I talk to all of my Tulsa home sellers about how home staging works and how it will help sell their home. In fact, I include a home staging consultation as part of our listing services.

Please visit my web site to learn more about our Tulsa home selling team, and do give me a call to help sell your home! Together, we will stage to sell!!!  918-852-5036

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