How you know when Google Juice has taken over your life

A call comes in from a Buyer that wants to see midtown Tulsa homes for sale, and I am thankful for blogging, Google Juice and “all things Social Media” that made my phone ring.

Close-up of a glass of juiceAnother call comes in and then another. “How did you find me on Google?” I ask. The answers are all different, but it reinforces that what I’m doing to rank well with Google is paying off.

My listings are found on Google, which is good news for my Tulsa home Sellers. Buyers are finding me on Google which is good for other Tulsa Realtors’ home Sellers. My Google Juice is actually helping the Tulsa economy, so that in itself shows that I’m a community leader!

And then there’s the day that I draw a blank for what to blog about, and I worry that six months from now, I will fall off the face of Google earth. I panic, I look at old posts that could be improved or I fall back on the dreaded market report which taxes my brain.

Yes, friends, I am addicted to Google Juice and it’s taken over my life.

At some point, I felt guilty about the amount of time I spend on my computer. I remember when my husband had to be out of town on our wedding anniversary, and he was SO apologetic. Secretly I was thinking, “yay – a peaceful night to BLOG!” Now, isn’t that romantic?

How you know when Google Juice has taken over your life

If they bottled and sold Google Juice, I would buy stock. It would always be on back-order. For the time being, Google Juice takes a lot of time and effort, and Google rewards those that don’t take short-cuts.

Google Juice – got to have it.

I’m going to start a group and we’ll begin meeting at the Holiday Inn once a week – as long as they give us a free wi-fi connection. I would see a lot of friends there – you know who you are.

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  1. says

    Lori – I can so relate to the comments of having peace in the house so you can write! I guess your hubby knows that now and loves you just the same, even on your anniversary!! Too funny!

  2. Deme & the pups says

    Never feel guilty about the time you spend on your computer. It helps make you the fabulous Realtor (trademark) that you have become! You’re doing real estate “the right way” and we love you for it.

  3. says

    Janis – you are a kind soul and I KNEW you would “get” it!
    Demetrius – I know you and the pups support me – and I love you ALL for that!!

  4. says

    Google juice tastes very sweet and the result is helping awesome buyers find their perfect piece of Midtown Tulsa. Have no doubt if you want a Tulsa REALTOR® that has enthusiasm for her work, her clients and life, Lori is the go to girl!