Locally-Owned Business: Steve’s Sundries, Tulsa Oklahoma

Locally-Owned Business: Steve’s Sundries, Tulsa Oklahoma – The Charms of the Neighborhood Shop

Steve’s Books and Magazines – also known as Steve’s Sundries is still within our midtown boundaries – in the shopping center at 26th & Harvard where the Broken Arrow Expressway crosses Harvard. And it’s next door to Southern Agriculture – also locally owned.

The many Tulsans committed to supporting local businesses have fond memories of Steve’s Sundries. My friend Marina Metevelis remembers “I am very familiar with Steve’s Sundry store because when I lived by TU (Tulsa University), I would walk over with my neighbors and spend afternoons visiting with Steve and drinking a soda or lemonade, looking at the latest books and Steve's Sundries in Tulsa Oklahomamagazines. He always had something new in his store. He was located on the east side of Harvard south of 11th Street then. We lived in that neighborhood five years before moving to Boman Acres. What memories.”

I didn’t move to Tulsa until 1982, so I didn’t remember Steve’s being located on 11th. Turns out Steve Stephenson sold everything from small appliances to lawn mowers, magazine to fishing rods there. And, he sold burgers & shakes there. When more space was needed, Steve’s moved to its present day location at 26th & Harvard.

In addition to books and magazines, posters, puzzles and knickknacks, you can still enjoy the soda fountain in the back which serves sandwiches, sodas, shakes and such.

Locally-Owned Business: Steve’s Sundries, Tulsa Oklahoma

Caroline Richardson interviewed the owner, Steve, some years ago and said he joked about teaching Barnes & Nobles how to run a store. His daughter-in-law, Joanie attributes its good business to loyal customers and likens their store to “Cheers without alcohol.”

A tradition since 1947, Steve’s now has a web site. You can check out the new Bobby Flay book that just arrived or the menu at the fountain.

In fact, I’m “jonesing” for a pimento sandwich from Steve’s and an Archie’s comic book right now.

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