Midtown Tulsa homes for sale with 3 car garages

Home buyers love the location and amenities of midtown, but are still searching for midtown Tulsa homes with 3 car garages. There’s actually more available than you would think – if you have a little money to spend.

Mapped from Riverside to Harvard, 15th to 51st Streets, there are 41 active homes for sale with 3+ car garages – ranging in price from $199,900 (next lowest is listed for $340,000) to $2,750,000 – with the average price of the 41 listings being $913,617. Many of these homes are new construction, which is what you would expect, but a few are homes that have been built in the 1930s, ’40s or ’50s that have simply been updated. Or, as additions have been created, additional garage capacity was included in those plans.

Midtown Tulsa homes for sale with 3 car garages

image of 3 car tandem garageOne thing I suggest to home Buyers who really want a 3 car garage is to look at the layout of the existing garage and driveway length to see if a tandem garage can be added.

A 3 car tandem garage appears to be a 2 car garage from the front, but one of the garage stalls is two full garages in depth. Of course, if it’s an addition, the third stall would extend past the original.  So, you could park the rarely-used sports car towards the back and the automobile that you use on a daily basis towards the front. Or sometimes the third garage is needed for storage of sports equipment, bicycles or jet skis, and a 3 car tandem garage is a perfect solution for this.

If a 3 car garage is a “must have” included in your midtown Tulsa home search, choose a Realtor who can think outside of the box. And if you are ready to search for homes for sale in midtown Tulsa, please do begin at my web site!

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