Midtown Tulsa Real Estate – when “urban infill” is abused

Midtown Tulsa Real Estate – when “urban infill” is abused

For those who have not been to Demetrius’ and my home at 19th & Cheyenne, we are between Boulder and Riverside, just north of the 21st Street Bridge. We have a lot of new exciting projects along Riverside, including the marvelous expansion of the biking and walking trails and the addition of the Blue Rose Cafe on the river. It’s definitely a “hip” place to live, as Deme only has to walk one block to Veteran’s Park for many of 5K runs in the city — and, of course, we have the fabulous view of the July 4th fireworks. In the winter, we watch children sledding in the snow down the hill at Harweldon. We have a beautiful view of the river and many lovely neighbors who have invested much money in restoring their homes.

map of proposed urban infill at 1935 south cheyenne tulsa ok

Years ago, the single-family dwelling to the south of us was damaged in a fire and ultimately condemned. The lot was purchased by a developer for $87,500. He is requesting variances from the Board of Adjustments to allow him to crowd a TEN-UNIT, 15-GARAGE apartment complex on this 1/4-acre lot which has historically housed a single-family dwelling. His plan is “conceptual,” but he estimates the units will be 600-1000 square feet each and will rent for $800-$1000 per month.

Our neighborhood already has a huge on-street parking challenge because of guests visiting existing apartment tenants. We catch a lot of overflow parking from the Blue Rose, Dresser Mansion, Veteran’s Park, Elwood’s and various RiverParks activities. When WE have a party or fundraiser, OUR guests typically park at the Mental Health building behind us on Boulder and walk through the alley.

Because of our parking challenges, we often find our driveways blocked, it’s difficult to get OUT of our neighborhood during festivities, we worry that emergency vehicles can’t get INTO our neighborhood, people do NOT observe our speed limit and cars park in front of our fire hydrants. ADD to this problem?  REALLY?

on-street parking 19th & Cheyenne tulsa ok

Midtown Tulsa Real Estate – when “urban infill” is abused

In addition to parking problems, this proposed crowded development will have apartment tenants blindly BACKING OUT onto 21st Street, which is a one-way arterial street to Riverside. AND, for those residents wanting to travel east into Tulsa, they will travel north on Cheyenne to get turned around – thus, adding more traffic to our neighborhood street where children play.

Urban infill is the process of developing vacant or under-used parcels within existing urban areas that are already largely developed. While we ENCOURAGE infill, we expect that the infill be appropriate for the neighborhood, accommodate existing architectural style, — and not create additional public safety and storm water issues.

on-street parking issues at 19th & Cheyenne tulsa okWhy should the developer’s right to make a profit be given more consideration than OUR investments in our personal homesteads? Why should he not build within the zoning restrictions KNOWN to him at the time of his purchase? He could easily build a single-family dwelling and sell it at a profit. Or, if he’s insistent on rentals, he could build an upscale duplex or triplex within existing zoning restrictions.

Our hearing with the Board of Adjustments is Tuesday, May 8th at 1pm at City Hall – 175 East 2nd Street. If you also oppose the granting of the requested variances, we invite you to join us. If you are unable to attend, but would like to write the Chair of the BOA a letter, please do so – you can drop off at my home or I will make arrangements to pick up from you! Letters are due to the BOA by Thursday May 3rd and may be directed to Frasier Henke, Chair BOA. Please email to cback@incog.org and copy me at razncain@cox.net. Call me if you have any questions or suggestions: 918-852-5036.

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