Our Alley Herb Garden in the Riverview Association, midtown Tulsa

Our Alley Herb Garden in the Riverview Association, midtown Tulsa

Our home is in the Riverview Neighborhood association, right next to the beautiful Arkansas River in Tulsa and just slightly south of downtown. My 55 year-old husband has lived in this home his entire life, and we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!Tulsa's Riverview Alley Herb Garden: Rosemary

Our beautiful Spanish-style home at 19th & Cheyenne was built in 1915, and is within half a block of Riverside Drive and less than a block from Veteran’s Park. We are within walking distance of many restaurants, our organic grocer, Grindstaff Cleaners and Mrs. DeHaven’s flower shop – all much older than my husband.

We proudly display a bronze plaque on our front porch pillars stating that we are in the Historic Beuna Vista Park district of Riverview and have been place on the national register of historic places by the United States Department of the Interior – platted 1908.

There is always much hustle and bustle around our home. Veteran’s Park is a wonderful spot for concerts and community events. Many 5K runs begin literally in our front or back yard, winding down Riverside Drive and ending at Veteran’s Park. Sometimes, we just need to open the windows to enjoy concert music, and we often see friends walking their dogs or riding their bikes down the river trails.

Tulsa's Riverview Alley Herb Garden

Rich in history and architecture, our neighborhood is very tight knit. Thankfully, our neighborhood association is active and vibrant. It’s not quiet here. We are at the cross-roads of the 21st Street Bridge and Riverside Drive, so during 5:00 traffic, there may be fire engines blaring, going both directions.

We have many historical parks and mansions within our neighborhood, but our best kept secret is our alley herb garden.

Our Alley Herb Garden in the Riverview Association, midtown Tulsa

Behind our house are several office buildings . . . the Mental Health Association, an apartment building, and a building that houses attorneys and architects. And by one of those buildings in our alley is the most amazing herb garden – filled with rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme and lavender.

I took these photos today (November), so all you can really see are the impressive rosemary bushes. One of the building tenants started the herb garden years ago, and he’s particular about sharing his basil in the summer months. But everything else is free to anyone who makes the discovery and wants to clip some herbs.

Tulsa's Riverview Alley Herb Garden: Rosemary Row

I love urban living and I love that we HAVE an alley. Who would have thought to garden in the alley?

Read more about our amazing neighborhood and do bring your clippers to get your own rosemary, should you come to visit!

About the author: Lori Cain is a residential Realtor with Chinowth & Cohen Realtors, serving the greater Tulsa area and specializing in historic neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa.

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