Reasons why Tulsa home Sellers should have their home inspected first

Reasons why Tulsa home Sellers should have their home inspected first

Tulsa home Sellers should have their home inspected before their home is put on the market for several reasons.

house inspected before listingMany repairs are not negotiable and will have to be made regardless of the Buyer’s requests. You can’t sell a home with termites unless you have a willing cash buyer. Period.

Inspection findings may scare your Buyer off after you are already under contract. Try to sell a house after “mold” is found. Had mold been found in the beginning and documentation of successful remediation provided to the Buyer, it would be a non-issue.

Remove doubts that you have structural or other major issues and provide your Buyer a level of comfort before they make an offer on your Tulsa home for sale. They will offer more if they believe that the home they love is in top-notch condition.

Give yourself plenty of time to make needed repairs at a more affordable cost. I recently had a closing delayed over two weeks while we scrambled to find contractors willing to excavate a crawl space. Because we didn’t have time to locate a more qualified contractor, the Tulsa home Seller wound up spending more in cleaning after the fact and also incurred damage to valuable personal items in the home.

Oklahoma real estate contracts allow ten days for inspections (unless more is requested), which leaves the Tulsa home seller less than three weeks to get bids and complete repairs. And although the Seller may be WILLING to make all repairs, there is always the chance that the Buyer may think the list or type of faults are too overwhelming to proceed to closing.

Be prepared that the Buyer’s inspector may find something that your inspector didn’t – or that something will deteriorate between the time you inspect and repair and the Buyer conducts inspections. Again, generally, the repairs will have to be made regardless.

I think most Tulsa home Sellers want to pass on their home in good condition. Just as we encourage Tulsa home Sellers to update their home and present it in good cosmetic condition, don’t overlook the advantages to knowing up front what repairs you’ll need to address once you’re under contract.

Funny that we only inspect our homes when we are transferring ownership. After a few recent inspections I’ve experienced, I’m thinking of having MY residence inspected. I won’t have to fix anything if I don’t want to, but I suppose I would like to know if I have structural problems or conditions conducive to termites.

So, if you are preparing your Tulsa home for sale, I encourage you to pre-inspect and make needed repairs. You can find qualified inspectors and vendors on my web site!

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