Preferred Vendor List

Preferred Vendors

Arborist: Greg Cole, 918-638-4734
Appraiser: Brown Appraisal, Chris Streich, 918-293-9595
Appraiser: Just Appraisals, Lee Ann Nelson, 918-461-8185
Architect/Residential Designer: Mel, Distinctive Designs, Inc., 918-382-0005
Bathtub Resurfacing: Jeser Reglazing, 918-902-6176
Carpenter: Frank Florczak, 918-852-0202
Carpet & Tile: Grigsby’s, Pete Seratte, 918-230-7383
Carpet Cleaning: Mike Vostad, 918-584-3606
Caterer: TW’s AFAB Catering, 918-582-8608
Ceiling repair, drywall: Keith Beatt, 918-951-5333
Chimney Cleaning, Inspection & Repair: Glen, Cornerstone Chimneys, LLC, 918-251-3480
Chimney Repair: Steve Hanlon, 918-724-1580
Crawlspace Repair: Kazu Home Improvement, 918-445-0942

Dog Boarding: Dogville Daycare & Boarding, Delana, 918-949-6070
Dry Cleaners: WaterStone Cleaners, 918-270-1488

Electrician: Colburn Electric, 918-251-8765
Electrician: VR Electric, 918-645-1959
Electrician: Solar Electric, Ron Stefanoff, 918-369-2155
Electrician: R G Electric, Richard Gill, 918-693-1008
Electrician: David Warren, 918-693-1314
Electrician: Jason Adair, 918-313-7266

Estate Sales: Bernie Moore Knowles, 808-217-7306
Exterminator: Kari Lane, Creepy Crawlers, 918-853-3379

Fencing: Rancher’s Pipe & Steel, 918-836-3151
Fencing:  Fenceworks, Todd Garcia, 918 704 6912
Floral: Mary Murray’s, 918-749-7961
Gifts, home-made jams, sweets and more: Marie,
Granite/Marble Fabrication & Installation: Eurocraft, Inc., 918-322-5500
Granite: Surfaces – 918-366-7440
Graphic Design: A Girl and Her Dog, Inc., 918-230-9230
Guttering: Statewide Guttering, Steve, 918-583-5350

Handyman: Dave Weaver, Handy Hammer LLC, 918-855-1274
Handyman: Corey McCoy, 918-361-8321
Handyman: Frank Florczak, 918-852-0202

Hardwood Floors: Joe Roper, 918-694-7834
Hardwood Floors: Gil DeLozier, 918-850-4592
Hauling: Git-Er-Gone, Steve Whitaker, 918-284-3158

Heat and Air: R & R Mechanical, Alex Damewood, 918-369-6767
Heat and Air: Always Air, (918) 481-1622
Heat and Air: Steve Price Heat & Air, 918-610-2998 or 918-633-1453 (24-hour service)
Heat and Air: ABJ Heat & Air, Chuck Cooper, 918-476-8958
Heat and Air: First Time Heating & Air Conditioning, Brian Floyd, 918-832-4357

Home Improvements: Jeff Shaffer, 918-902-4771
Home Improvements: Dana Ferguson & Associates, 918-955-4982
Home Improvements: Frank Florczak, 918-852-0202
Home Improvements: Jane Halliwell, 918-378-1234

Home Repairs: Frank Florczak, 918-852-0202
Home Repairs: Long Enterprises, Inc., James, 918-227-2817
Home Repairs: Gary Ellis Enterprises, Inc., 918-361-1193

Home Warranty: American Home Shield, 800-735-4663

House Cleaning: Laura Cox, 918-407-8632
House Cleaning: Jonna Reed, 918-378-7587
House Cleaning: Chelsea Lewis, 918-313-7495

Inspection EMP (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing): James Atkinson, 918-606-2099
Inspections EMP: HouseMaster, Bryant Warren, 918-455-4406
Inspections EMP: Eric Hyde, 918-513-1351
Inspection Structural: Atkinson Engineering, 918-749-2028
Inspection Structural: Joe Ramey, 918-836-0021
Inspection Structural: Chad Ebady, 918-251-6910
Inspection Structural: Jeff Seager, 918-906-0936
Inspection Termite: Toby Horn, 918-836-8431
Inspection Termite: Kari Lane, Creepy Crawlers Pest Control, 918-853-3379
Inspections Termite: Brewer-Russell Exterminating, 918-291-9100
Inspections, Mold, Meth, Environmental: Cox Environmental, 918-970-6606

Insurance: John Brobston Insurance, 918-742-6888
Insurance: Kingsley Insurance, Patrick Kingsley, 918-245-8767
Insurance: Sean Sansone, Farmers Insurance, 918-615-9746

Landscape Architecture: Windover, LLC, Liz Jones, 918-747-5267
Landscape Architecture: Szafranski-Pugh & Associates, 918-382-9081
Lawn Services: Carl Tharps, 918-230-2253
Lawn Services: Ben Davis, 918-710-1119
Leasing: Laura DuVal, 918-402-0688
Locksmith: Sooner Lock & Key, 918-665-8160
Mason: Kris Royers 918-346-2826
Mason: Randy Davis, 918-808-6132
Mason: Thurman Bricker, 918-396-1986
Metal Buildings and Steel Frame Homes: MBI, Inc.,

Mortgage Lenders:

  • Bank of Oklahoma, Josh Hopper, 918-746-7454
  • PrimeLending, John Regur, 918-949-7248
  • Capital Mortgage, Bridgett Gale, 918-392-7409
  • First Oklahoma Bank, Kyle Bradley, 918-855-0494
  • First Mortgage, Hazel White or Shirley Wilhelm, 918-496-2241
  • 1st Capital Mortgage, LLC, Ron Dunaway, 918-636-5014
  • First Oklahoma Bank, Kevin Hutchens, 918-638-1717
  • Elite Financial Services, Dianne Shaw, 918-694-7468

Movers: You Move Me, Andrew Wilson, 918-895-1551
Movers: Murphy Jones Moving, 918-486-6116

Organic Grocer: Anner’s Wellness Works, 918-592-4421
Organization: Kasandra Pittman, Professional Organizer, 918-508-8573

Painting: Prime Painting and Restoration Co., Jane Halliwell, 918-378-1234
Painting: Corey McCoy, 918-361-8321
Painting: Nora at Renovations by Fred, 918-298-1551

Plumbing: Tomco Plumbing, 918-639-1508
Plumbing: Huckaby Plumbing, Brian 918-637-2061
Plumbing: Quick Plumbing, 918-836-8802
Plumbing: Gary Ellis, 918-361-1193
Plumbing: Morris Plumbing, 918-251-6160

Remodeler: Ken Ackley, 918-698-5150
Remodeler: Classic Restoration, Tony Hamilton 918-855-8562
Remodeler: Craig Frank, 918-261-3178
Remodeler (bathrooms & plumbing): James Lambert, 918-798-1040
Remodeler: Matthew Green, 918-971-9243

Repairs: Handy Hammer, 918-855-1274
Repairs – see also Home Improvements and Home Repairs

Roofer: Dave Hutchinson, 918-740-6175
Roofer: Jason Yelle, Above It All Roofing, 918-949-8200
Roofer: David Carpenter, 918-984-7001
Roofer: Heartland Construction, Garland, 918-402-7950
Roofer: Ranger Roofing, Kody DeWees, 918-857-2099

Security: TNT, Lisa Guild, 918-230-5080
Septic Inspection & Maintenance: Milty’s Septic Services, 918-451-4362

Solar Screens: Energy Savers of Oklahoma, Steve Foster, 918-366-4211
Specialty Promotional Items: Dianna Smith, 918-292-9216

Staging: Cindy Gaison, Transitions Home Staging, 918-914-2144
Staging: Home Staging & Renovation, Bernie Moore Knowles, 808-217-7306

Storage: Kool Storage, 918-584-7000
Stucco Repair: Allen, 918-607-0484
Surveyor: Royce Land Surveying, Mike Royce, 918-376-9327, 918-633-5263
Termites/Moisture Damage: Toby Horn 918-836-8431
Tile & Grout Cleaning: Tulsa Grout Restoration, JD Smith, 918-289-4395
Tile Cleaning: Okie Tile, Dustin Crane, 918-794-1414
Title Company: Guaranty Abstract Company, Lisa Riggs, 918-496-9090
Upholstery: Gerald Beller, 918-583-4561
Veterinarian: Dr. Chet Thomas, City Vet, 918-747-1641

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The above vendors are those from whom I or my clients have enjoyed good service. I hope you find this list useful.

Recommendation of these vendors is based solely on opinions and experience of the quality of their service.

Please consult the BBB and ask for proof of insurance or registration if that is of concern to you.

If there are any additional categories you’d like to see, please let me know!