Thank you Corinne Guest – a Deva for our friendship & your kindness

Thank you Corinne Guest – a Deva for our friendship & your kindness

My friend Corinne Guest, stalwart Broker/Owner of Royal Advocate Realty-Barrington Village in Barrington Illinois has been a dear friend to me. In addition to being a phenomenal Realtor, she is the most tech-savvy Realtor I know. When I ran into problems with my web site revision, a mutual friend suggested that I call her. Unsure of how another real estate professional would feel about helping me with my web site, I decided I had nothing to lose – so I called and asked for help.

She helped me – Corinne went above and beyond.

I think Corinne knows everything – she’s one smart woman. She helped me develop mapped searches for midtown Tulsa, because we can’t effectively search for subdivisions with our MLS limitations. She helped me with keyword selection and offered ideas of how best to achieve top placement in the search engines. She SHARED her knowledge with me and often fixed what I could not. She has given me what has taken her time and money to learn, and she has given of her time.

How DOES one repay a friend for such generosity? Corinne is a successful Realtor and a check from me would be meaningless. My husband Demetrius and I discussed what a huge help Corinne had been to me and he said, “Well, of course, she needs a DEVA!”

Thank you Corinne Guest – a Deva for our friendship & your kindness

Corinne and I have yet to meet, but we’ve spoken on the phone many times. Sometimes, I just need a “Corinne Fix” when I need to talk to another computer nerd AND fellow Realtor. She sips on tea while I sip on wine, but we’re still on the same page, so to speak. [Smile.]

Corinne recently completed a re-design of her Barrington Illinois web site and was quite proud of her new logo. So, I commissioned Lisa Regan, Tulsa’s Garden Deva to duplicate Corinne’s logo for a wall-hanging in Corinne’s office. Here is what Tulsa’s Deva came up with.

I don’t know that the photo does it justice. It’s magnificent – just like Corinne.

Barrington Real Estate - Corrine Guest

When I spoke to Lisa about the project and my debt to Corinne, she immediately began drawing fast and furiously. She insisted on copper overlay to match Corinne’s logo and all of her VISION just began flowing. A different blue metal was used for the roof top and windows. We hope that Corinne is as happy with the finished product as we are.

If you are ever fortunate enough to meet a generous and helpful friend like Corinne, remember to give as you have been given to. And if you are ever at a loss of what an appropriate, personal gift might be, do call my friend Lisa Regan, Tulsa’ Garden Deva!


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  1. says

    I agree! Corinne is a wonderful, giving person. When I told her I didn’t know how to change the name on my Facebook business page she said “Oh, I’ll do it for you,” and in minutes, it was done.

    And then, last night, I was going through my Active Rain blog subscriptions and stopped at her post – where I found an article all about how the agent bio I wrote for her had caused her to get a new client. Wow! What a beautiful gift!

    Yes, Corinne is one fantastic, giving lady.

    It’s no wonder that she’s a top agent in Barrington!

  2. Lori says

    Marte – we are blessed, yes? And after reading Corinne’s blog post about your writing, I’m going to be in touch to have you revise MY profile! It’s ALL GOOD!