The type of home Seller that Realtors dream of representing

Stan is the type of home Seller that Realtors dream of representing.

Stan’s home interior was in need of a fresh coat of paint and the pups had taken their toll on the carpets. His beautiful hardwood floors had a lot of wax build-up and needed to be refinished. There was landscaping needed and general power-washing and cleaning of the exterior.

dinging room updatedRealtors are sometimes timid about being truthful with Sellers about the amount of work needed to prepare their home for sale. We worry that we will offend the Seller after giving a long “to do” list, and we worry that we are asking the Seller to spend more money than they are willing or able to spend.

But, Stan took it all in stride and said the magical words Realtors love to hear, “you’re the professional – if you say it needs to be done, let’s do it!” And when I explained to Stan why I wanted him to have the home professionally staged, he replied, “that makes sense to me!”

My colleague Dana Ferguson does a fabulous turn-key job of renovation and staging. She selected and coordinated all of the need contractors, communicated directly with Stan when decisions needed to be made and did an excellent job of restoring his beautiful home.  Once she had the home staged and I walked through it with a critical eye, I knew we would sell Stan’s home quickly.updated kitchen

At the time we listed Stan’s home, there were eight homes for sale in his subdivision – many of which had been on the market for months. Stan and I studied the comps together, and he agreed to price it to sell.

Our listing was input on Thursday and photos were uploaded that evening. My valuable assistant Lil began syndicating the listing on Friday, and we had an offer in hand by Sunday.

FOUR DAYS ON MARKET.  Easy-peasy when it’s done right.

So, here’s the home selling formula that works: (1) prepare your home for sale to impress the most discriminating home Buyer; stage your home so that the Buyer can SEE himself living there; (2) price your home realistically and competitively; and (3) market the property aggressively with professional photos and virtual tours, detailed verbiage and photo captions; saturate the internet.

updated living roomAll the preparation that Stan agreed to and making the decision to stage his home led to a quick sale. Period. No more mortgage payments, no more monthly utility or insurance expense and no worries. Stan was able to see the big picture and that’s why he is the type of home Seller that Realtors dream about.

If you’re planning to sell your Tulsa home, I would love the opportunity to view your home to give you an idea of what you need to do to prepare your home for sale. I would like to tell you about our listing services and how those set me apart from other Realtors. Planning is paramount to success, and you can never start too early.

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