Tulsa Home Buyers – the next step after you find your dream home

Tulsa Home Buyers – the next step after you find your dream home

Tulsa home buyers – after you find your dream home, the next step is to let your Realtor research the property. Your Realtor should pull comparable properties (like homes in the neighborhood) to see if the property is priced competitively. Your Realtor should pull disclosures the Seller filled out to see if there are any property defects that may affect an offer we would write or prevent us from writing an offer.

image of roofIn the greater Tulsa area, one of the major concerns is the age of the roof and number of layers. Although there is an area for that information to be reported on the disclosure, it doesn’t always get filled out.

Sometimes we can go back through older MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings to obtain information. For example, if the property was listed for sale ten years ago and they advertised a new roof, we now know the roof is ten years old.

If I am clueless about the age or condition of the roof, I will send my roof inspector out PRIOR to writing an offer. You don’t want to negotiate an offer and get underway with inspections and an appraisal, only to find out that the roof is un-insurable. At that point, you will have to re-negotiate the contract or cancel it.

Tulsa Home Buyers – the next step after you find your dream home

So spend $100 on a roof inspection before you write an offer – then you have an opportunity to include the inspection results and ask for a new roof in your offer. If the roof in un-insurable, the Seller is going to have to deal with it regardless of who buys his home.

Check the age and condition of the big ticket items – the heat and air systems and the hot water heater. Age expectancy of these items is approximately twenty years, so if they’re near the end of their life expectancy, that needs to be considered in the amount you offer for the home.

You can fall in love with a house because of the updated kitchen with granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances, but you can’t let that cause you to ignore the home components that could present maintenance nightmares at a later date.

Your Tulsa Realtor should dig up as much history about the property as is available and run current comps to determine fair market value. It’s possible for Tulsa home buyers to craft an offer on their dream home that is fair to all, but still protect your investment.

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