Tulsa Realtors – what sets me apart from the crowd

Tulsa Realtors – what sets me apart from the crowd

Tulsa Realtors are competitors – we are all self-employed and compete against each other. However, we also work cooperatively to sell each other’s listings.

Tulsa Realtors may compete for business, but we don’t have to be adversaries – in fact, the better Tulsa Realtors work very hard at having good relationships and completing successful transactions together.

Tulsa Realtor putting pieces of the puzzle togetherWhat sets me apart from a large number of Tulsa Realtors is my problem-solving capabilities and desire to see that all real estate transactions be successful for all parties involved. Even Buyers and Sellers can get along in a cooperative spirit and walk away from a fulfilled transaction with good feelings.

There are many Tulsa Realtors I admire. My client today brought along a friend who is listing her Tulsa home for sale with an associate of mine – she made a really great choice selecting Carrie to sell her home.

My approach to real estate is truly a problem-solving process, which is something I think some Tulsa Realtors lack.  The contract I wrote tonight will not result in a commission check for several months, but it will relieve the Seller of double mortgage payments and put my Buyer in a beautiful home when her job relocates her to Tulsa in a few weeks. It wasn’t an ordinary contract, and we had to make adjustments to accommodate all parties, but it’s a good SOLUTION for both Seller and Buyer.

When choosing among Tulsa Realtors to represent you in your home sale or purchase, ask a little about their problem-solving skills and ability to think outside the box.  Ask for specific examples of their problem-solving results.

After all, it’s the RESULTS and SOLUTIONS you are concerned about, and all Tulsa Realtors should be questioned about their success and initiative in this area.

I’m happy to tell you about a few success stories of my own!

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