Use Protection – Why Tulsa Home Buyers Need a Buyer’s Broker

My colleagues and I recorded a 2nd part to our video titled “Use Protection – Use a Buyer’s Broker.” In this video, Rich Cederberg, Jeff Dowler, Bryan Robertson and I continue our discussion about Buyer representation, how it works and its advantages to home Buyers.

Specifically, we discuss why you would want your own representation versus calling the Listing Realtor; how a Buyer’s Broker can help you read through and understand the property disclosures; and how a Buyer’s Broker can guide you in negotiating inspections and repairs.

Why Tulsa home Buyers need representation

Tulsa Realtors list properties on behalf of the Sellers. Tulsa Realtors charge the Seller a commission to LIST the property and the Seller also offers a commission to cooperating Tulsa Realtors in MLS (multiple listing service). Many home buyers assume that Tulsa Realtors charge them for representation, but this is not true in most cases.

Tulsa home buyers need buyer representationTulsa home buyers should enlist the assistance of a Realtor to represent them in their home purchase for several reasons. It’s no cost to the Buyer to have Realtor representation because the Seller is paying our commission. Tulsa Realtors guide home buyers through the buying process which includes bank approval, home selection, negotiations, title work, inspections and repairs – and much more.

Tulsa Realtors – Why Tulsa home Buyers need representation

My representation to a buyer is “key,” because my job is to look out for your interests. I will connect you with a local Lender who provides in-house underwriting, for example. I will set up a custom search for your dream home – much simpler than you searching on various web sites or I will walk you through the entire buying process, coach you through negotiations and be by your side at the closing table.

Tulsa Realtors are able to represent both Seller and Buyer in a transaction, but in my opinion, that’s similar to a divorcing couple sharing the same attorney. Your home purchase is a huge investment and it simply makes sense to have a coach in your corner.

If you are driving around and call the Listing Realtor on the sign to get more information about a property, that Realtor will be representing BOTH the Seller and the Buyer. It’s not impossible for Tulsa Realtors to do this ethically, but wouldn’t you prefer your own representation?

Your Buyer’s Broker will also investigate all disclosures related to the property condition and know what to look for. Appropriate inspections will be conduction and we will negotiated needed repairs.

A real estate Buyer’s representative represents the buyer who is purchasing property in a real estate transaction. Tulsa Realtors working as a buyer’s representative work for the property buyer and have the buyer’s best interests in mind throughout the entire real estate process.

If you see a home you’re interested in while out house shopping, don’t call Tulsa Realtors who have the property listed to show you homes. If you are considering purchasing property, you will want your own representation in negotiating the terms of the contract. Key and free – please call me! 918-852-5036.

Use Protection – Why Tulsa Home Buyers Need a Buyer’s Broker

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