What stays in your Tulsa home for sale – what to leave for new owners

image of chandelierMost home sellers know that all window treatments and light fixtures stay in their Tulsa home for sale – unless specifically excluded. If your dining room chandelier was inherited from your great-grandmother, you need to tell your Realtor AT THE TIME OF LISTING YOUR PROPERTY that you don’t want to leave it. If the curtains in your nursery are going to look perfect in your next house, and you want to take them with you – they need to be excluded. Excluded items are itemized in MLS (Multiple Listing Service), so everybody knows what stays and goes.

The Oklahoma Real Estate Contract spells out what items remain with your home for sale.

The following items, if existing on the Property, unless otherwise excluded, shall remain with the Property at no additional cost to Buyer:

  • Attic and ceiling fan(s)
  • Bathroom mirror(s)
  • Other mirrors, if attached
  • Central vacuum & attachments
  • Floor coverings, if attached
  • Key(s) to the property
  • Built-in and under cabinet/counter appliance(s)
  • Free standing slide-in/drop-in kitchen stove
  • Built-in sound system(s)/speaker(s)
  • Lighting & light fixtures
  • Fire, smoke and security system(s), if owned
  • Shelving, if attached
  • Fireplace inserts, logs, grates, doors and screens
  • Free standing heating unit(s)
  • Humidifier(s), if attached
  • Water conditioning systems, if owned
  • Window treatments & coverings, interior & exterior
  • Storm windows, screens & storm doors
  • Garage door opener(s) & remote transmitting unit(s)
  • Fences (includes sub-surface electric & components)
  • Mailboxes/Flag poles
  • Outside cooking unit(s), if attached
  • Propane tank(s) if owned
  • TV antennas/satellite dish system(s) and control(s), if owned
  • Sprinkler systems & control(s)
  • Swimming Pool/Spa equipment/accessories
  • Attached recreational equipment
  • Exterior landscaping and lighting
  • Entry gate control(s)
  • Water meter, sewer/trash membership, if owned
  • All remote controls, if applicable
  • Transferable Service Agreements and Product Warranties


What stays in your Tulsa home for sale – and what to leave for new owners

There is also a section in the contract where a Buyer can specify what they would like to stay that does not AUTOMATICALLY stay, such as the refrigerator, washer and dryer.

And there is a section in the contract where the Buyer can specify what they want removed from the property, such as a trampoline or storage shed.

One gray area we’re approaching is mounted flat-screen televisions. They do not automatically convey with the house, so if you want it, ask for it when you make an offer.

It’s important to conduct a final walk-through of the property PRIOR to closing to make sure all items you expect to be there are still there.

DO leave for new owners: all warranty information, a note including trash day pick-up – and contact phone number of your homeowner’s association, if applicable.  Also leave paint cans for any touch-ups they may need to make. Make your new owners feel welcome!

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