Your Tulsa home for sale has been on the market for 122 days – let’s review

Your Tulsa home for sale has been on the market for 122 days – let’s review

When we listed your Tulsa home for sale last July, I recommended a list price of $175,000. You wanted to list your Tulsa home for $185,000 and so we compromised and listed for $181,900.

Tulsa home for sale: 122 days on market

Tulsa home for sale: 122 days on market

After sixty days on market and few showings, I recommended that you reduce your sales price to $175,000 and after eighty days on market, you agreed to reduce it to $178,900.

Now, 122 days later, let’s review where you are and what has occurred in the real estate market since we put your Tulsa home on the market.

NINE properties have been listed since you listed yours. That’s an increase in inventory.

Six homes have closed and two are currently pending. There are TWENTY homes currently for sale in your subdivision.  Your Tulsa home for sale is the 2nd highest per square foot, your home is the oldest for sale and your new competition includes three brand spanking new homes.

Your Tulsa home for sale has been on the market for 122 days – let’s review

Last week was Thanksgiving, and there are fewer Buyers than there were in July when you originally listed your Tulsa home for sale. That’s a decrease in the Buyer pool.

Tired and frustrated Tulsa home seller

Tired and frustrated Tulsa home seller

If we now drop your price to the $175,000 that it should have been in the first place, prospective Buyers are going to look at your 122 days on market and offer far less than they would have when it was a fresh listing.

My team followed the selling strategy, EXCEPT for pricing your home competitively from day one.  We prepared your home for market; my home stager gave you advise on how best to prepare your home; a professional photographer took photos and made a beautiful presentation of your Tulsa home for sale in her virtual tour.

I marketed your home aggressively on the internet, and if you google “3 bedroom home for sale in falcon ridge estates,” YOUR listing comes up #1 on Google.

Now you’re frustrated and wonder why your home is not selling. And, it’s my fault, truly. That night in July when we did your listing paperwork, I should have told you that if you needed to price your home above $175,000, it would not be possible for us to do business together.

The winning strategy to selling your Tulsa home remains the same: (1) prepare your home to be in its best possible condition and remove every anticipated Buyer’s objection; (2) price your home correctly and competitively; and (3) market it aggressively. It’s a proven formula and one that should not be deviated from.

If you want to sell your Tulsa home, please call me, 918-852-5036!

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